Soul to Soul

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Play Now Stop      1. Jubilation 4:39
A song of joy, this first composition in the series served as the stepping stone to develop a foundation for the rich and sensual symphonic texture that will become Alfred's trademark in future productions. While listening to it, allow yourself to visualize your accomplishments and feel the wonder of your life.
Play Now Stop      2. Falling In Love 5:21
Of all of Alfred's compositions, this is the one that better reflects his sentimentality. You can sense the romantic love in the encounter of two souls and feel for yourself the excitement, the obsession, and the sense of passion and exultation that commemorate the splendor of falling in love.
Play Now Stop      3. Tu Tango 5:16
Influenced by Latin Music, Alfred undertook to produce this versatile musical arrangement to celebrate the Tango. Savor this varied and multilayered sensual work of art with your favorite partner on a dance floor and let the elegance of the steps transport you to the world of your dreams.
Play Now Stop      4. Dance with Me 4:31.
Challenged to write a song marrying classical orchestration with "a real modern beat," Alfred produced this melodious, rich and exciting tune. Dance to its delightfully seductive groove and let the music carry you away.
Play Now Stop      5. Dancing You Away 5:11
This tune is Alfred's most precious gift to his daughter on her wedding day. Filled with joy mixed with tears, he danced her away on this melody at the wedding reception. This composition is from now on his gift to all fathers giving away their daughters. May this wish of parental blessing bring joy and happiness to many newlyweds on their wedding day!
Play Now Stop      6. Follow the Desert Star 6:54
Influenced by world music and in particular by music from the Middle East and the Mediterranean and in remembrance of all the suffering of people from the region in search for peace and reconciliation, Alfred composed this prayer to shine over them the desert star so that it may guide them out of their desolation.
Play Now Stop      7. Space Trek 5:11
Impressed by human's increasing desire to reach outer space in search of knowledge of our origins and of ourselves, Alfred took off on a musical tangent to explore the outer boundaries of musical composition in search of the real soul of humanity. Imagine the unimaginable and let your soul connect with all the souls in the universe.

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Executive Producer: Alfred Abouchar
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