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The Artist

Alfred's life long passion for music, his natural creative talent for composition and his unwavering resolve to produce and share his musical work with the rest of the world are the "raison d'être" of this CD.

Inducted in classical music and influenced by contemporary world music, Alfred began to write his own songs and shape his own style of music at a very young age. His melodious music has evolved and matured over the years to reach a level of classical beauty with precision and modernity that transcend style, age, culture, and time.

Alfred started studying classical music at the age of 3, formed his first band at the age of 11, and released his first songs, which became instant hits on the Billboard Charts in many part of the world, at the age of 16. He continued to develop and modernize his songs over the years by releasing four more records and writing soundtracks for a variety of short films and documentaries. In the nineties, Alfred discovered the potential of computer music and began experimenting with the recording technology to lay down his musical ideas and feelings in a more personal and authentic way. He produced his first CD Album "Nostalgia" in 1999 which is still in demand and available in the Musical Archives of the Release Section of his website.

Encouraged and supported by extraordinary professionals and friends, Alfred invested time, energy and resources to take his newer compositions to a much higher level. Working with Anton Streiss, one of the best musician, composer, arranger and engineer in the music industry and, using the most advanced music recording technology, he succeeded in infusing a sense of natural realism into the complex making of his compositions..

It took Alfred many years of intensive work and soul searching to produce the musical pieces you are about to listen to. The result is a series of truly beautiful composition that are musically pleasing, versatile and above all, musically attuned with a high level of sensitivity and deep human emotions. Like all genuine and serious creative projects, the visionary process was long and challenging, but the result unique and superb. Each musical piece released has taken in time a life of its own. Listen to it, connect with it and make it your own.

Executive Producer: Alfred Abouchar
© 2009 All Rights Reserved
A2A Records - Digitally Recorded, Digitally Mixed & Digitally Mastered